Every Lesson Shapes a Life – The adverts that remind us of the love of teaching

In the last few weeks I have seen some amazing things…adverts involving teachers. And they are SPOT ON!

I wanted to share why I love these two ads…

John Lewis | Bohemian Rhapsody

This advert isn’t aimed at teachers but I do feel that it tells us a lot about what a teacher might be. Have another look and this time focus on the teacher character. This embodies a teacher for me. The fun they have when they are in the background and the pupils are shining in the foreground. The joy when it all goes right and then sense that they are there with the pupils all the way.

I love the faces below – the face that shows that little bit of cheekiness when talking about the other teacher and the moment the big finale pays off. This is an invested individual. We get to feel like this, as teacher, as much as we allow our selves to fully engage in this way. The all and everything. It is a hard job and it can be a killer. But look at the students going above and beyond when we do.

I even sent a message to John Lewis asking if us teacher could use this as a new recruitment drive advert.

Little did I know that this was in the pipeline…

Every Lesson Shapes a Life

This has been made by I Get into Teaching and finally isn’t young teachers dancing through scenes with perfectly turned out pupils in well equipped classrooms with amazing behaviour.

Twitter educators seem to be in full support of the advert and there’s good reason why.

It’s something we should all remember, and we should be fighting the government for this too. We are working together! EVERY lesson counts. Primary teachers should be meeting with secondary, outstanding schools working with inadequate (though they shouldn’t be graded!) and not one fighting against the other for bums on seats that equates for funding!

This is a real pupil, we’ve all seen them. The ones that others could lose in a crowd but WE SEE. We give them the nod on exam day that makes them feel like the only person in the world, because to us they are…but they all are.

It’s like the parent with two children. I hate to say it for it’s bad links but EVERY CHILD MATTERS. But not in a fake let’s try and show we are doing x, y and z to fill in and tick the boxes but because they are children that need a role model, a guide, a inspiration. This is why we stay up till the early hours working, this is why in the middle of a film we realise it’d be a great stimulus for that Y10 lesson (have you every truly enjoyed a film again since becoming a teacher without thinking of it in a lesson!?) and this is why there are millions of teacher making an effort to learn even more and share ideas on Twitter!

So well done…

To these advert creators. You made me laugh, you made me cry…you made me realise I am the luckiest person in the world to do a job I care so much about because it makes this kind of world!

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