QR Code Displays – Make Harry Potter magic real in your classroom!

Want to make some of you displays a bit more interactive and tech savvy!? How about utilising QR codes to add a bit more information to your current displays?!


  1. How about linking them to a prize, such as a quick quiz or word of the week?! Here is my example of a word of the week question that has different tasks depending on the time and ability. I keep this on my door and allow pupils to complete at any time within a week by uploading an answer onto Padlet (www.padlet.com) via a QR code. On Monday I then go round forms (or get my form to do it)
    to give out prizes and house points. The word/quiz could be linked to topics or something else. Good for G&T and independent learning!




2. How about adding a QR to a working display and link to good work! I then link again to a padlet to allow pupils to see what has been added. To make sure it is not all me doing the work I simply take an image as I mark with my phone/ipad and upload and add a colour dot in my mark book. It is then up to the pupils to check if they see their work is on there and let me know (means they all look at good examples of work to see if it is theirs rather than just me telling them and them never looking!). It also allows visitors to see work on phone/Ipad.

3. Add QR codes to displays to add a bit more information. I did this to my artefacts but could be anything…I know MFL want to link words to recordings of how they are pronounced! This means you can add videos, info and recordings to any display…watch out, seems like world of Harry Potter magic is real! Just be careful that pupils can access the info on the webpage, in school likely YouTube won’t work so I use BBC clips a lot.Capture2

Where to make QR codes –

I mainly use https://www.qr-code-generator.com/ but many free sites.


Want to know more about QR codes?