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Free Resource 2 – Second Escape Room Task!

So it is finally here! I have been trying to sort it all holiday and I have to say…that hardest part was starting to work out what I wanted to achieve! Once I had the idea and had worked out how it was all going to fit it came together pretty well!

I am sure in practise things will need to be changed and adapted but it’s been a while since I have done something like this and I have found a few things out –

  • I love making this kind of thing!
  • It can be fun to make as well as fun for pupils!
  • Being creative is good for me.

A few other things…


I know this lesson could have been done by reading/watching the story in the same or easier way BUT I do believe sometimes it can be about fun. Not always…but sometimes.

I am hoping the pupils will enjoy this, escape rooms are a big thing and sometimes doing a few lessons like this can win over pupils that are otherwise lost to a teacher or subject.

Sometimes when pupils can see you will put in the time they will give you more than you ever expected!

If you wish to make your own then you could use these ideas and just change the question and info. The multiple choice questions would be easy to change for the clues. If you wanted to go from scratch there is little out there for free but you can grab some good ideas.

If you do go for it then plan, plan, plan. If you just try to go at it I think it takes much longer to get it finalised.


Anyway…enjoy! Also thank you to for some of the ideas! Have a look there too!


Information Cards


Teachers Notes

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