It’s the little things in life….

Sometimes in life if you concentrate on the little things then the big things will look after themselves. I was always told if you looked after your pennies the pounds will look after themselves and I think we could take this approach in education and it could make a big difference to staff moral.

So what are the little things?

  • Coffee and Tea 

I have said it before and I will say it again (I’ll admit it’s a problem…it’s the first step to recovery)…teachers.need.refreshments! Please let them have it as part of the package without having to worry about bringing it in and making sure the milk is not off!

  • Two photocopiers

Everyone has had it happen…the photo copier breaks/runs out of paper/runs out of toner/has a block even though it doesn’t/just doesn’t care enough to work! And it will always be on inspection day! Maybe invest in two photocopiers in the staff room…take away another little stress from the mad mornings! Image result for photocopiers cartoon

  •  Little Presents

A school I worked at used to give out stress balls on a day in the year that raised awareness to stress. It was a nice little gesture. It doesn’t have to cost…maybe some time back or a cover lesson done by SLT. Show them you care, then they will care more.

  • Out of school Ideas

Walks in the woods/afternoon tea/sports matches? Getting to know people outside of school gives extra links and understanding of real life. Not all will come but it’s worth a go…and keep going even if not well attended at first, something take time.

  • Buddies

Get people to buddy up and help each other through. Not in a work way but a shoulder to cry on or someone to make people laugh. Having support in school is the best thing I ever had to get through the bad days.

Image result for shoulder to cry on cartoon

  • Nice toilets

Who doesn’t judge a place by the toilets? How about making the staff toilets nice with nice soap and hand cream?

Just a few little things where if you can look after the staff the pupils and school might look after itself….

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things in life….”

  1. Tea milk …..and biscuits. I think sevondary may be different to primary because most of the schools i have worked in there has been a kitty held by the secretary and it was there job to keep coffee tea milk and biscuits topped up. Milk was often on order to be delivered and if we did run out we could raid the free for childrens milk 😉


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