To do…My Summer Playlist

As holidays are here for some and fast (or not so fast enough) approaching for many teachers it’s the time of year I try to think about what the summer will bring for me!

Firstly it’s time to reconnect with friends and family but then what…teaching is a full time thing and to suddenly have no bells telling me the time or duties keeping me going, so…I am trying to set myself some targets.

Firstly things for school

  1. Create booklets/help sheets to send to non-specialists and parents that will help supports learning.
  2. Create some ways of helping pupils celebrate their work in my classroom e.g.Twitter
  3. Create my own escape room tasks that go with my SOWs to try and get back to the fun of learning that I used to do (must upload some of these…they were so fun!)If you are looking for a team-building activity to keep your students engaged during the last few days, weeks or month before summer break, then THE GREAT END OF THE YEAR ESCAPE is for you! There are six end of the year-themed (trivia) challenges included in this file. Students will complete a variety of tasks using different skills including: problem-solving, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and basic math
  4. Create a class sketch book that my form can use. I hope to then get this printed as an end of year present for them with some memories of the year! I always get caught out at the end of the year and hope this will help.
  5. Finish my projects looking into progression/autism and SEND provisions and write it up. This was taken up to see if I could cope with a Masters Degree and will hopefully help whole school.
  6. Get everything printed up till Xmas! The booklets are all up to date and so just need a day in school attacking the printer and lamination!
  7. Share more resources on my blog! Actually update it more! Try and publish a few more articles in some magazines.

Very Random things for me!

  1. Learn to do the cup song from Pitch Perfect…because I am that cool!
  2. Learn to throw further…just because it would make dog walks easier (I have a dog mad for chasing a ball) and because I always loved sports and feel I never mastered a really long throw.
  3. Keep up training for the half marathon in October.Image result for half marathon cartoons
  4. Read some good books, both for school and fiction (advice welcome here!)
  5. Cook some different things that I have not managed to find time for yet…like jaffa cakes and croquembouche!

    Image result for profiteroles tower

  6. Start a diary of some kind…a bit more personal than the blog. Maybe some more interesting parts!

There will be many more things that get done but at least that gives me some focus and a feeling or having used my time well! If you are planning anything or have any ideas for me then add a comment!

I will try and updates with videos showing me from the start to the end of these goals…keep myself on task!

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