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We all wasted the summer holiday! – Did you feel the teacher guilt!?

So the summer holidays started as it always did…with a list. A list that had been in my head since about June and was the list to be done to know I had had an amazing summer. Without the list how would I know I had fun, loved my family, worked enough in that luxurious 6 week holiday (OK..I work in the independent sector so it was nearly 8 weeks but I didn’t want to rub it in!
What was on my list? Can you remember?

Firstly things for school-

  1. Create booklets/help sheets to send to non-specialists and parents that will help supports learning.
  2. Create some ways of helping pupils celebrate their work in my classroom.
  3. Create my own escape room tasks that go with my SOWs to try and get back to the fun of learning that I used to do (must upload some of these…they were so fun!).
  4. Create a class sketch book that my form can use. I hope to then get this printed as an end of year present for them with some memories of the year! I always get caught out at the end of the year and hope this will help.
  5. Finish my projects looking into progression/autism and SEND provisions and write it up. This was taken up to see if I could cope with a Masters Degree and will hopefully help whole school.
  6. Get everything printed up till Xmas! The booklets are all up to date and so just need a day in school attacking the printer and lamination!
  7. Share more resources on my blog! Actually update it more! Try and publish a few more articles in some magazines.

Very Random things for me!

  1. Learn to do the cup song from Pitch Perfect…because I am that cool!
  2. Learn to throw further…just because it would make dog walks easier (I have a dog mad for chasing a ball) and because I always loved sports and feel I never mastered a really long throw.
  3. Keep up training for the half marathon in October.
  4. Read some good books, both for school and fiction (advice welcome here!)
  5. Cook some different things that I have not managed to find time for yet…like jaffa cakes and croquembouche!
  6. Start a diary of some kind…a bit more personal than the blog. Maybe some more interesting parts!

Did I do it?! And I work in education so there must be evidence or it didn’t really happen!

Yes and no…as always something I did and some things I didn’t…and some new things made it to the list like sit for one whole day in my PJ’s watching films!

So here’s the evidence….

My selfie reward chart!
Flexible seating! An add to the list.
Close up of selfie clips
Doodle book for form!
Home made jaffas
Home made carrot cake
Viennese Whirls
Reading over the summer

My new 5 year question a day diary!
Half Marathon training

Half Marathon training

Most embarrassing but one I am most proud of! Cup song with me in it….sorry for your ears but needed to show I could do it 😉

What did I actually learn/achieve!?

Don’t make lists! I will…I’ll do it again…I never learn!


I will try and do more things in moderation. This is the first year I haven’t had a massive clear up of the house and clean it within an inch of life from top to bottom. Mainly because it stays that way for about 2 days before it’s back to the start! And amazingly it made no difference!

I didn’t do loads of work for once…I just kept to what needed to be done.

Moderation is the key…the middle way. Do just enough to keep you feeling things are worthwhile but enjoy the break! You deserve it.

Plus accept the guilt teacher guilt will never leave you so just live with it. Accept it and place it back in the box. No matter how much you do it will never feel enough. I think it was only when I accepted this that I actually became a better teacher for know it and letting the things go that weren’t done.

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