Stop smiling!…at least for 105 days,13 hours and 34 mins (give or take)

So we are back into the world of teaching and we are bleary eyed half humans trying to remember those 6 weeks of long summer days…that was, like, a year ago…right!?

So the next step is to introduce those bright eyed (who am I kidding, they are feeling it just like us!) to our teaching styles and so no doubt someone will utter those sacred words “Don’t smile till Christmas!”. Whether it be in jest or with a number one ace poker face here are a few ways to take that advice if you are unsure…

Firstly I think this is one of those things that has been quote but I never sure if it was ever said…and if it was I am not sure the meaning is quite so simple. A bit like the classic “Let them eat cake”. I am also certainly sure that, as with all quotes, people have taken it a bit too far, further than it was initially meant for.

I image the scene, a few teacher in the staff room on day 4 and talking about how 7L have been a nightmare already and someone quips in “Well maybe we should be harsher…let’s all not smile till Christmas!” and then everyone laughs and sips their coffee to try and come up with a real plan.

It has the right idea in basis, some classes are going to need a harsher stance. You have to figure out the class as you go…but not smiling till Christmas…good luck with that!

I just think that a relationship needs to be built with a class and it’s hard to show you are human without adding a little smile. For example I love the moment I telling my pupils I expect 100 points on their mind map and then give a little smile and say “No, only 10 really”. Sometimes letting them in a joke with them is a lovely way to make that relationship two way.Creepy_Smiling_Edd_PNG

What else could work

Ever tried over smiling?! It can be just as good as not smiling and doesn’t also make you look like the scary mean teacher (although this might be what works for you…each to what works).

It can work so well…the amount of times I have been in a classroom/assembly/break duty and just smiled at someone doing something wrong…they getting a little worried and then stop…it’s magic. Maybe a little creepy for them to see so it unnerves them.

So giving smiling a go instead. See how it goes for you!

Also it’s great as it –

The Top 7 Health Benefits of Smiling
  • Improved Mood. Smiling can boost your mood when you’re feeling blue, and may be beneficial for people struggling with anxiety and depression. …
  • Lower Blood Pressure. …
  • Stress Relief. …
  • Better Relationships. …
  • Stronger Immune Function. …
  • Pain Relief. …
  • Longer Life.

And if that doesn’t work…if 7L are still causing you a nightmare look for my next post later in the week looking into the certainty rather than the severity of punishment!


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