Summer Playlist….Track 1: Getting going!

So over first week of the holiday I have tried to enjoy the down time. I have had fun in the (very hot) sun over the past week and tried to enjoy a bit of doing nothing.

As far as the challenges go I think I am doing well so this is a little update (plus the obligatory selfies and videos…so prepare yourself).

I have keep it to just a few to start with and am mainly concentrating on my exercise to keep myself and body busy…the end of the school year meant all I really wanted to do was sleep so fighting to keep active was hard…but amazing (plus meant I avoided all the food that I can now access at any time rather than waiting for a bell!).

So here are a few updates…


Still  working hard to keep on track for the next half marathon in October…I have tried to do some different routes and made the most of the sun by going into the country side and to the sea!


The Cup Song!


Video to show all is going well…I can defo add this to the CV 😉 Still some timing issues but at least I got the movement down!

Starting to learn –

Still learning – 


So what have I gained from this as an educator?

It’s fun to learn…and often doing something that isn’t about education can help us remember this! I strongly suggest giving yourself a goal that isn’t about education. As teacher we can get caught up in the profession and sometimes taking a step back away from it is a very healthy thing to do. Look for #teacher5aday if you would like to see other examples of this!

Little things that have no real impact seem to be a lot of fun!

What’s next?

  1. Doing some more blogs to share resources that other educators can use!
  2. I just got amazon unlimited so I am hoping to get some reading done.
  3. Keep running!
  4. Do some making of the bits for work now I have had a break from my teacher brain.

So it’s nearly the hols! Make your to do list now…before it’s too late!

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